Part Ways Peacefully Through Mediation

Part Ways Peacefully Through Mediation

Trust attorney Sandy Isaacson with your family law needs in River North, West Loop, Chicago, IL

When you and your spouse are ready to divorce amicably, call the Law Offices of Sandy Isaacson for divorce mediation services. Attorney Isaacson can help couples in Chicago, IL and practicing in Lake Forest, Highland Park and Deerfield, IL reach agreements that are fair to both sides while keeping the best interests of any children in mind.

Attorney Isaacson relies on more than 40 years of experience to negotiate financial agreements once your marriage comes to an end. He's professional enough to remain neutral throughout the discussions and tailor agreements according to the needs of each party. Attorney Isaacson has a wealth of knowledge on family law matters and can navigate Illinois law to make sure your mediation is handled properly.

Reach out to attorney Isaacson today at 312-255-0007 to work with a fair-minded professional attorney during the mediation process.

Preparing for mediation

What can you and your spouse do to prepare for the mediation process? Here are a few tips:

Agree to come to the table in good faith and ready to negotiate.
Create a list of all assets and possessions and compile income source records.
Set your bottom-line goals and identify things you can live without.
Figure out how you'll discuss your divorce with your children.

Get in touch with attorney Isaacson in Chicago, IL and practicing in Lake Forest, Highland Park and Deerfield, IL to guide you through the mediation process.