Trust Attorney Isaacson for an Accurate Forensic Evaluation

Trust Attorney Isaacson for an Accurate Forensic Evaluation

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Do you think a forensic evaluation is necessary to ensure your child is placed in the right home? You can count on the Law Offices of Sandy Isaacson to ensure your custody evaluation report is done thoroughly and accurately. Attorney Isaacson has a wealth of experience in family law in Northern Chicago, IL. He'll guide you through the process of finding a qualified mental health expert to evaluate the situation.

You can trust attorney Isaacson to prepare you for what's in store during home evaluations and questioning. Get in touch with him today.

What to expect in the final report

The evaluator will gather information from you, your spouse, third parties and the child. The final report will include:

  • The child's relationship with each parent
  • The relationship between the parties as parents
  • The ability of each parent to make appropriate decisions for the child
  • Risk factors that may impact custody or parenting time

The report cannot make recommendations on which parent should have legal custody. Instead, it will offer the judge direction and guidance. Attorney Isaacson will stand by you every step of the way and fight for your best interests. Call the law office today at 312-255-0007 to put attorney Isaacson's years of experience to work for you in Lake Forest, Highland Park and Deerfield, IL.